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  • Jennifer Stafford

Mental Freedom

Invalidated humanity.

Generational calamity.

Mental health insurgency. Where within you are your insides hurting?

Anger burgeoning. The burden of illusion. Hurt. Pain. Insane. Uninformed conclusions.

The greed and not good enough dance…

Dance for greed. Dance with emotional wounds as you hurt and flee. Dance with not loving yourself and being unkind to me. Dance for the material that tells you who to be.

Who are we? Separated by seas. Connected by trees. In what ocean of thought do you bathe your mentality?

Complex conditions. Varied superstitions. Inflexible cognitions. Illusory contradictions.

Depression and anxiety…

Cloaked in the discomfort of anticipated uncertainty. But how could certainty ever be? Built on the baseline of being disappointed. Effervescent sadness, madness? Meaning to while nothing ever, never happens.

Human being happenings.

What does you being happy mean? Think. Critically. Compassionately. Independently. What does dying mean when you feel your life lacks meaning?

Validate your humanity.



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