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  • Jennifer Stafford

In the New Year...

"This New Year needs us all, all our hopes all our good wishes, all our smiles and all our gestures of forgiveness. I wish everybody a Happy New Year!"- Maya Angelou

Nurture your emotions in this new year. All of them, pleasant and unpleasant. Sit within yourself and watch the emotion flow by, feel it, but do not drown. You can feel feelings and not operate out of them.

Nurture your experience of yourself in this new year. Give yourself compassionate encouragement and if you are not familiar with compassionate self-encouragement, do the digging necessary to figure out what encouraging yourself sounds like.

Nurture your essence in this new year. Pay attention to and reconnect with your intrinsic nature. Embrace the process of connecting with the core of your being in this new year. Intentionally find time to take deep belly breaths, always ending with a slow exhale from the mouth.

Nurture your energy and notice how you use it in this new year. Ensure that your focus is on how to free yourself rather than reacting to feeling confined. Remember to always guide yourself efficiently and remain mindful of how you utilize your energy.

Nurture your empathy in this new year. Remind yourself that you exist within an interconnected web of human being-ness. We need one another; in one way or another. Every time that you hear your heartbeat, think of human life fragility.

In this new year, nurture your everything.

One love.



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