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  • Jennifer Stafford

Sides of Su

In recognition of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

It feels like a different kind of sadness. It feels deep, like despair. Hopelessness.

A giving up, but what?

It feels like there is no way out, but one. Not being here anymore. Relief. Tears. Take a breath. Remember your breath.

The thoughts feel like they will not stop. Mental bumper cars made of emotional scars. It feels overwhelming. Drowning in suffering, from the inside.

Pride. Protecting the wounds’ view when the pain takes over the mind. Suicide. Hide. Runaway.

Take a breath. Remember your breath.

Think fast, run away from the thoughts that open up to the pain. Sadness. So much sadness, loneliness. Feeling alone, like life is postponed.

Beyond control. Out of control. The words whirl around, dizzying destiny.

Listening to the heartbeat of the pleas, chanting and begging, “release me, release me.”

Just breathe. Keep breathing…



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