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  • Jennifer Stafford


If you are going to make it through, you must stay sane…

Where are you?

Emotional ineptitude Cognitive fragility A lack of humility Fighting inevitability

Have you asked yourself how you are doing with the increase in hostility?

Check in with yourself.

Many dearly departed Trust disregarded Agreements thwarted How could we not be disturbed? Or perturbed?

Fear of uncertainty…

Fear of not being able to feel things Fear of being able to feel things Do you know how much fear the experience of trauma brings?

Being locked down and opened again. Invisible isolation. Delusions and hallucinations. Unrealistic expectations.

Are you experiencing heart palpitations?

You have been traumatized

open your eyes so that you can see yourself before you malfunction.


1 comentário

09 de set. de 2021

I have been going through it. My stress level is not good. I'm trying hard to come out of this dark whole. Its seems like once I take the leap something is pushing back. Still trying.

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