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  • Jennifer Stafford


Ease. Holding it steady. Staying stable. Able to plant your feet.

The ground is breaking…

Can you see it yet?

Noticing what you notice is a gift. Or perhaps a skill? Are you practicing your awareness? Functioning within dysfunction requires active awareness.

Preparedness. Motivation. Contemplation. Restoration.

How are you managing your energy allocation?

Emotional balance admires patience.

What are you admiring?

Can you see that the ground is breaking?

As earthquakes and tectonic plates infiltrate, fires fuel the floods that make the population depreciate. What is of value to you? Patience. So many patients’ patience wanes, compassion too.

Keep your mind in today so that your cognitive clarity remains with you.

Allow the river of emotion to flow right through. Emotional balance lives in how your inner voice coaches you. Noticing what we notice is a gift. Perhaps it is a skill, but it only works when we practice it.

Balance on the beam of life with your internal beam of light.

One foot in front of the other.



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