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  • Jennifer Stafford

Right Now

We are in the midst of a transition. Looking forward is unknown while the past is far behind us, it is the present that we must accept. How do we accept what is out of our hands? We relinquish our desire to control.

Easier said than done, there is a shift occurring. From the cosmos to climate, all the way down to 5th Avenue. Things are changing. We are in the process of change. It is uncertain and uncomfortable no matter what side of the street you view life from. Acceptance of change requires a shift in our thinking. How do you walk yourself towards acceptance of the inevitable? What do you need? What thoughts are you willing to shift?

The umbrella originally protected us from the sun, now we primarily think of it for the rain. Even that thought depends on the continent in which we live. Our brains are more easily adaptable, it is our mind that resists the change. Challenge yourself to challenge your thinking. If it is familiarity that brings you comfort in life then the moment that we are currently living in is not working for you.

So much out of our "control," feeling anxious about the future or regretful about the past while the present is our only reality. Right now, we are transitioning and it is uncertain and uncomfortable.

Allow yourself to explore you. How do you bring yourself into this moment? What is it that you need?

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