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  • Jennifer Stafford

The Battle of Wounds

Every single one of us has an individual responsibility for self.

In order to enslave and enact violence on another human being in any capacity, one has no choice, but to detach or disconnect from an aspect of our humanity. Whether we acknowledge it or not, it hurts when we hurt others. The pain we have to endure to hurt someone else is insidious. The avoidance we have to practice, the disconnect (often unconscious) from reality that we use to protect ourselves. We have to turn off an aspect of our awareness in order to hurt others. Sometimes the childhood environment does the turning off for us so it never even becomes a thought. And repeat. Generation after generation perpetuating hurt, while hurting themselves. This is how we have actions that hurt others rooted in wounds we do not see.

When we are hurt by others those wounds defend our way of seeing ourselves. That hurt influences our actions, thoughts and behaviors. Re-exposure to that hurt only deepens and infects the wound. For generations this can repeat itself. Embedding these wounds intensely, seemingly into the fiber of our being. That is how detached a history of hurt can make us feel from ourselves.

This life can feel like a battle, we all have wounds. Honor your own humanity and work your way through yours. Do not get lost in where they came from, find out where they are and choose to heal yourself.

Ask yourself if you love yourself, answer you with your truth. You are deserving of your love. This loss of yourself that you feel cannot be filled by anyone else.

See yourself.

We each have this responsibility. This is how we make a difference in the soil that we seed.

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