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  • Jennifer Stafford

Vantage Point

Read this with your heart in mind…

You once relied upon someone to take care of you. Whoever that was, they tended to your basic needs and kept you alive. Kept your heart pumping. Whether or not they provided you with warmth, guidance or nurturing is completely up to your emotional memory of them. The experienced evidence, despite our discomfort, is that we come into this life dependent on other human beings. We come into this life dependent upon a fully functioning ecosystem. We exist in this life depending on the actions of one another.

From the forest to the sky and the humans in between, we are connected. Given our intellectual inclination as human beings, sometimes our emotions and our feelings can get in the way of us seeing how reliant upon one another we truly are. We are one system comprised of many, many, many intricate systems intertwined with one another each trying to exist. Each seeking sanctuary and stability, small and large. We are always relying on each other. We are relying on one another right now, desperately.

So in looking at life from the vantage point of our interdependence, what do you see?

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