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  • Jennifer Stafford


We are being given an opportunity to look at life through a different lens right now. Not one human being is left out in this opportunity. It does not matter who you are or where you live. Covid-19 is reminding us that we are all connected. If you have not felt the reminder yet, you will.

No matter where you are on the globe, what you do in this life matters. How you conduct yourself, the actions that you take, the words that you speak. We are all connected and we impact one another. We are all being impacted because we have impacted one another. Not acknowledging our connectedness only perpetuates the presenting problem. Right now our presenting problem is Covid-19.

Remember to remind yourself that your connection to humanity is strong and has always been no matter how far you may have traveled away from it. At this moment, so much that mattered yesterday does not matter today and probably will not matter again for a while. Weddings canceled, funeral services postponed, entertainment put on pause. We must rely and depend on everyone remembering that what we all do, the decisions we each make, how we each move in this life matters. Everything that every single one of us does, matters.

Despite our differences, we are being reminded of just how connected we are.

Remember. You must remind yourself to remember.

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