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  • Jennifer Stafford


We cannot be taught how to be self aware. You were once fully aware of yourself and effortlessly prioritized your needs, not wants, needs. What we can be taught is how to recognize ourselves once again. We can learn how to truly see ourselves and remember what our needs are. How familiar with yourself are you? What do you do when you are with you?

As we have different life experiences we adapt and adjust, where we do not adapt or adjust we become stuck. Not because of the experience, but because of the emotions that surfaced. Do you ever think about the impact certain situations have had on your awareness?

The emotional bruises of whatever happened to you can hijack your truth and run away with your behavior. No one is left out, this happens to all of us. Ineffective life tools and a lack of awareness support this vicious cycle of self mismanagement. Whose responsibility is it to manage you?

We used to feel our feelings just fine. We learn to become stuck in our emotions by listening and watching others. A good deal of this learning happens during childhood.

As we get older and educated or indoctrinated our intellect starts to takeover our thoughts. We try to think our need for acknowledging feelings away. We start to use a lot of words to explain how we feel instead of just calling out the emotion. The more words you know, the more you can frustrate others and hide from yourself.

Give yourself permission to come out of hiding.

To become more self aware, take some time to remember you and let what you feel be your guide.


What does holding onto an emotion do for you?

Do you pay attention to your patterns?

How can your thoughts and feelings be in the hands of others?

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