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  • Jennifer Stafford

Awareness, Awareness, Action

Despite having our own baggage to work through in life, some of us make it a habit of avoiding our own stuff erroneously focusing our energy on what everyone else should do. If this sounds familiar then hopefully you will be able to connect the dots and stop yourself from stopping yourself.

Taking responsibility for how our life unfolds can sound impossible if we are stuck in believing that life just happens to us. Not realizing that you can actively participate in your life is how many people get caught up in feeling like life is just passing them by. We all have our challenges and traumas in life, but they do not have to define who we are or how we show up in life. If you are an adult still blaming your parents or primary caregivers for where you are in life today, it is highly possible that you are stuck and unable to recognize that the responsibility for your life was passed on to you a while ago.

How do you learn to take responsibility for yourself and your life? The short answer is not only that you become self-aware, but you also execute based on that awareness. A lot of us have a good understanding of what our hangups are...mommy issues, daddy issues, issues issues, ok and then what? Knowing how we stop ourselves from living is good, but knowing how to successfully navigate and overcome what stops you is better. It enables you to live. Remember, living is more fulfilling than surviving. So why are you settling?

Become more than aware, become action oriented when it comes to your life. Action is concrete, it is tangible and it is how you reach your goals. If living is your goal, unpack and clear out your life baggage. Letting go of it does not mean that you agree with the fact that it happened. It just means that you are ready to no longer let it hold you back.

Challenge yourself to be open and honest with you, dig deeper and ask yourself the questions listed below. Respond to yourself without letting your fear prevent you from being honest. "I don't know," isn't a sufficient response. If you don't know, then what do you need to do to find out?

There is no right or wrong answer, just a starting point.

  • Am I showing up in my life the way I want to?

  • What am I doing to stop myself?

  • Is there something that I am avoiding, if so, what is it?

  • What can I do to address what I am avoiding?

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