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  • Jennifer Stafford

Finding Growth in Fear

When we walk through life there are certain emotions that have the ability to take over our perspectives and influence our decision making. Recently, the most common emotion client's have walked into my office struggling with is fear. Whether it be fear of change, a fear that's surfaced from a lack of confidence or fear associated with past pain. Nonetheless, a fear that impedes growth and many times prevents progress. We often don't realize the impact our emotions have on our decision making process. The more heightened our emotional state the more likely our response is to be one out of reaction rather than rationalization.

So what does this all mean? If there's something that you can't seem to put your finger on that's stopping you from making a certain decision or keeping you in a particular situation, there's a good chance there's some underlying fear there that needs to be tackled. Now I'm not talking about dissecting your childhood and blaming your parents, but I am saying that being more aware of when you last felt confused or conflicted wouldn't hurt. When underlying fear is guiding your decisions, it increases your chances of getting nowhere.

Check in with yourself, think about the last time you felt confused, what was going on for you at the time? If you're like most of us, you're too busy to make time for yourself. The challenge here is to remember that your time is precious and devoting a few minutes a day to yourself won't stop the world from running. Just a few minutes of reflective you time leads to more awareness and awareness is the anchor that sets the roots for action. What you're trying to do is connect with the real reason for why you aren't able to be decisive when it comes to making progress in your life. Try it, you have nothing to lose!

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