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  • Jennifer Stafford

Hello Anger

Anger is an emotion that many people find themselves far too familiar with nowadays. Angry people are everywhere, even in the mirror. Before you start to point the finger at your significant other, romantic relationships aren't the only relationships that can get our blood boiling. Your boss, co-workers, business partners, close friends and family members all top the list when it comes to anger inducing encounters. How do you keep your cool when everyone and everything is frustrating you? You invite anger in.

Although inviting anger into a situation may sound silly, denying the reality of a frustrating event doesn't help you get past the anger any quicker. Constantly talking about it or replaying the frustrating event in your head over and over again only adds fuel to the fire. Allowing yourself the opportunity to be mad is absolutely fine. Giving yourself time and taking space so you can process your anger helps you get past the lingering effects faster. It helps you clear your head and body from it's effects. Holding anger in and letting it build up only sets you up for an explosion later on.

So, give yourself a break. The next time someone ticks you off at work or you have a fight with your significant other, walk away and take three deep breaths. Remind yourself that it's ok to be mad and don’t let it get the best of you. Take the space you need, but talk to yourself with love and compassion. Don't beat yourself up about what happened and stop yourself from replaying the negative points of the interaction. You'll only travel in circles doing that. Your goal is to comfort your anger and allow it to pass.

Returning to the situation in a calmer state of mind will allow you to get your point across. No matter the situation, you, not the anger, should always be in the driver seat. Believe in yourself, one day at a time.

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