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  • Jennifer Stafford

Same Sex Same Problems?

For some in our society, there seems to be this belief that when a couple is dating and of the same sex that certain things should be understood or that the establishment of the relationship should come a little easier. Well, let's just say that my LGBTQ clients would strongly disagree and call it a serious misconception. In my experience, there has been much commonality in the presenting issues and concerns (i.e., money, trust, infidelity, sex) of LGBTQ client's when compared to the straight individuals that have also sat on my couch seeking counsel.

The sexual preferences of a person don’t predict how they will be when it comes to the necessities of a relationship. Communication and conflict resolution skills don't come easier or present more difficult when your partner is the same sex as you, you'll find that the same mind reading and assuming done in opposite sex relationships is also done in same sex relationships. Two men raised in two different homes learn different habits thus have different experiences. It is our experience that shapes our perception and when we don't see eye to eye or open ourselves to another person's point of view, straight or gay there will be conflict. So, I’ll play it safe and say same sex, similar problems because no matter how you identify individual issues and concerns will always be there. Conflict doesn't discriminate, we do.

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