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  • Jennifer Stafford

Successful Woman = Single Woman??

Does a successful woman really have to be synonymous with a single woman? For years women have been fighting to get equal rights in the workforce, but unfortunately the very same women reaping the benefits of having successful careers have seen a decline in their love lives. This certainly isn't true for every woman that has a successful career, but definitely speaks to the experiences of many women in big cities where competition is fierce in both work and dating life.

So as a woman, how do you conquer the curse of being bright and banking it in? The simple answer is you don’t. You don’t fight it; you embrace it. There seems to be a societal consensus that confidence and being independent is attractive and as a woman you should tap into it. Simply believing in yourself is a technique one can use to get away from many self-defeating behaviors that leave us in dead end situations.

You can’t beat yourself up with judgment, have minor bouts with depression from self-inflicted criticism and then wonder why you can’t maintain a healthy intimate relationship. It just doesn’t add up. Our first intimate healthy relationship has to start within; start believing that you deserve respect, love and loyalty and notice the changes that start to occur in both your inner and outer worlds.

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