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  • Jennifer Stafford

To Cheat or Not to Cheat

It's never easy to let the person you deeply care about know that you have strayed sexually outside the relationship and it seems to be similarly as difficult to tell your beloved that you need more sex. So, when push comes to shove which conversation would you rather have? For some it might be a no brainer, for others either one could be a risky feat.

Both conversations present with their own difficulties; however, one involves active communication with your partner regarding sexual satisfaction within your relationship. The other involves infidelity and informing your partner of sexual relations outside of your partnership. Even if while cheating your intention was never to hurt the person you love, not thinking about them in the moment can still be a direct dagger to the heart.

There's always this talk about communication, but few people in the room communicate effectively. If you have a need your partner isn't meeting, it is imperative to the future of your relationship to tell them about it. A difficult conversation is a difficult conversation, it's what you learn about the person that counts.

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