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  • Jennifer Stafford

Forgiving vs. Forgetting

It's no secret that it is much easier to say you're going to forgive someone than to actually follow through and truly forgive them. Or what about when we say "I'm going to forgive you, but I will never forget." Let's be honest, that phrase should be followed up with, "I won't forget to remind you about what I forgave you for every time we have a disagreement!" Because isn't that what happens? Sometimes we can love someone so much that our hearts want to forgive them, but because of the pain they caused it feels too hard to actually let go and trust them again.

The road to forgiveness is a tough one and most of us genuinely want to forgive, it just takes a whole heap of newly found trust and happiness to get there. He or she might have to gain your trust again by meaning what they say and saying what they mean or the two of you might have to increase communication around not so hot topics. No matter how you look at it, forgiveness lies in doing the necessary work to get through the pain. If you truly want to forgive, it's about looking forward instead of reliving the troubled past. After all, we don't get too far ahead if we're stuck looking backwards right?

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