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  • Jennifer Stafford

Kiss Kiss

Kissing can be used for more than prepping the playground for sex. Kissing can actually be a stepping stone to getting closer to your partner. Stop right now and think about how many times a day you and your significant other share a passionate kiss. If you're still thinking about it perhaps that's a sign that throwing in a few extra minutes of smooch time couldn't hurt.

When life and all of it's activities start to take priority, our relationships start to require more spice in order to maintain fulfilment. Life taking over is a completely natural process so consciously making time for making out is a way to keep the passion burning between you and your lover. Whether it's a mandatory morning make out session before work or an intimate late night kissing requirement, put something in place to keep kissing part of your daily routine. If it leads to a quickie, hey don't shoot the messenger!

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