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  • Jennifer Stafford


Resilience is how we get from fear to freedom.

When we tap into resilience we have the capacity to break barriers, records and overcome adversity. It helps us recover quickly from difficulties; maintain a strong character and it increases our bouncebackability. If you are unaware of how to tap into your inner resilience, take a look below and start practicing now. Being resilient is how we can always be ready, for anything.

Some ways we can practice resilience

• Feel the hurt and the pain AND keep going

• Reach goals by pushing ourselves beyond the obstacles

• Encourage ourselves to move ahead despite roadblocks

• Engage uncertainty with patience and perspective

• Find the lesson, no matter what

• Remind yourself of what you are working towards

• Remove doubt and despair from our optics

Resilience is how we win at life.

RIP Kobe Bryant

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