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  • Jennifer Stafford

Trust & Fear

Trust and Fear are both natural (innate) human instincts. One perpetuates life and one promotes survival. Choice.

It is natural to act out of and favor our emotional wounds. We can trust that our wounds are telling us more about something going on or we can operate fearing their existence. It is similar to limping when your foot hurts or hunching over when your back is in pain.

Our behavior is merely an expression of what is going on inside of us.

If we look within and change what is happening inside of us, we change what happens for us on the outside.

If you put all of your focus on how best to limp, your foot may hurt forever. Why not heal the foot so you no longer have to limp?

Slow yourself down and think about it...

Is it really about your behavior or is it about why you behave as you do?

This is a matter of choice, where do you choose to put your energy? In living or surviving?

Heal the roots and the seeds will take care of themselves.

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