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  • Jennifer Stafford

Motivation to Change

If there is no action behind our awareness, does it really make a difference if we are aware or not?

So often people speak about being aware of what aspects in life they desire to change, but make little to no movement when it comes to actually changing them. How come? Why can you proclaim that you no longer want to eat this or wear that size, feel this way or date that kind of person and then walk right back into the pattern that got you where you are? Motivation. Merriam-Webster defines Motivation as the reason one has to behave or act in a particular way. So, the question is how does one motivate and maintain motivation to live life the way they desire?

The short answer is, if you can't talk yourself into it then you just have to force yourself to do it. Yes, definitely easier said than done, but not impossible. We can spend years on the couch trying to understand how come we do something, but the truth is the focus is better spent on learning how to do something that works instead of giving so much energy to why you do what you do.

We live in a society that appreciates immediacy. Taking the long route to intimately understanding how come we operate as we do is not as desirable as learning tools and techniques to make life changes. Create an intervention for yourself that will help you attain the changes you have been wanting to experience. Whether it is a daily reminder, mantras on the refrigerator, or keeping a thoughts journal, take the time to invest in yourself. Change does not just happen, you have to actively participate in your life. Make the commitment to yourself and then hold yourself accountable.

Getting motivated and staying motivated should be right around the corner.

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