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Spotlight: When Pretty Hurts

There's no relationship that doesn't require healing at some point. The good news is that healing a relationship is very possible, the not so good news is that it takes lots of work via honest talking, patience and self-reflection. A common complaint from client's that have careers keeping them in the public eye is the difficulty in maintaining your cool professionally while your personal life is in turmoil. As a socialite or celebrity it’s not always all glitz and glam. Your every action is constantly revered, reviewed and scrutinized with common relationship struggles riding front and center when you're in the spotlight. Accepting a life of a lack of privacy must come with some understanding of how to appropriately and successfully manage your relationships. Disruption and dissatisfaction is inevitable in life; the true story is we don't always get along for various reasons. This happens in the lives of everyone no matter what social strata you belong to. Financial stability certainly doesn't translate into emotional stability and we know very well that every relationship has it's ups and downs.

We all have had our fair share of fights and disagreements with loved ones; however, not all of us are bombarded with replays of it for the world to see the next day. Being in the spotlight when s#*! hits the fan can be crippling when you know that everyone will be discussing your personal life for weeks, months or even years to come. The best thing to do as a public figure after experiencing relationship discord is to return to the drawing board in order to understand how/if the damaged relationships can be repaired. Now, this is when the work begins...

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