Begin Your Journey to Happiness

Happiness doesn't depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude.

-Dale Carnegie-

Meet Jennifer Stafford

When your external identity is wrapped up in winning, bringing home the six-figure bonus, or selling out the venue; it can consume and confuse your sense of self. Not being grounded in our sense of self is precisely what impacts our mental health. Who are you? Why did you start to engage in this passion? These are the questions that start to become foggy when going for the gold starts to be a primary guiding force. I experience it as well, hoping for client’s to leave every session feeling a little bit better. When the pressure is on we have to remind ourselves that we are human. We all put our pants on in a similar way. Whether it’s feeling stuck, disconnected, disenchanted, afraid of a loss of acceptance or no longer feeling loved; we all feel similarly when we are in emotional pain.

There is so much courage in merely thinking about talking to someone about your concerns in life. You get to validate what is going on in your internal world. We get to validate ourselves and have compassion for our humanity. Then, return to who you remember yourself to be. Reconnect with how come you love what you do, remind yourself about the power of your passion. Go back to your hunger and determination to always do your best. This is what I teach my clients and what I practice for myself.


Everything else? Leave it alone. Let it rest. Just be yourself and do what you know how to do. Let your light shine from within.

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Practice Areas


Ivy Relationship Consultants, Inc. offers therapeutic services for individuals, couples and families as well as personalized coaching sessions. Encouraging clients to get to know themselves through authenticity and sincerity, leads to successful goal attainment. When hurt and concern build up inside of us, sometimes they can invite intense feelings of anger, guilt, depression and anxiety to disrupt our lives. Whether it's feeling unfulfilled, difficulty communicating with your partner, struggling with an unsatisfying career or all around relationship concerns; life happens and we pride our practice in guiding clients toward developing more adaptive ways to navigate their lives.  ​​

Crisis Management Services

Ivy Relationship Consultants, Inc. provides customized confidential on-site crisis management and incident specific counseling services for business clients. We demonstrate proficiency in assessing and maintaining morale after a traumatic event, decreasing phobic reaction in returning to work and reducing post-traumatic stress symptoms in impacted parties.