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    Ivy Blog

    April 27, 2017

    Making the decision to go and tell a stranger about your struggles in life is a very difficult one, especially for people that historically feel like they can manage on their own or with the gentle guidance of family and friends.  I hear it all the time, who wants to tell a stranger their business and isn’t therapy for “crazy,” people?!

    When you are unable to experience relief from what has been bothering you after co...

    March 19, 2015

    When we walk through life there are certain emotions that have the ability to take over our perspectives and influence our decision making.  Recently, the most common emotion client's have walked into my office struggling with is fear.  Whether it be fear of change, a fear that's surfaced from a lack of confidence or fear associated with past pain.  Nonetheless, a fear that impedes growth and many times prevents prog...

    October 3, 2014

    Anger is an emotion that many people find themselves far too familiar with nowadays. Angry people are everywhere, even in the mirror.  Before you start to point the finger at your significant other, romantic relationships aren't the only relationships that can get our blood boiling.  Your boss, co-workers, business partners, close friends and family members all top the list when it comes to anger inducing encounters....

    September 11, 2014

    Every relationship has it's unique way of existing and for most of us that isn't the concern. Everyone will have their opinion when it comes to the relationships of others, but the opinions tend to sound off in unison when domestic violence is in play.  When communication doesn't get the job done, emotions and bad habits start to take over.   


    Couples get into the bad habit of becoming aggressive and physic...

    August 12, 2014

    Eat Right and Exercise for Physical Health.

    Brush your Teeth and Get Bi-Annual Cleanings for Dental Health.

    But What do We for Mental Health?


    From mass school shootings to people taking away their own lives, there is a mental health crisis in our country.  The time to do something is now.  We must start taking care of our inner selves as much as we do our outer selves.  #riprobinwilliams

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